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"Arrow of Love"

The Arrow of Love tarot spread, also called "Cupid's Arrow" is a long-time favorite for insights into love and relationships


Shows the energies and romantic possibilities between you and your soul mate. This reading is great for singles looking to find out about that special someone


Gives you an insight into your soul mate's heart, soul and mind

Celtic Cross - Romance
The Celtic Cross spread  is especially good for readings about romance because it addresses the areas of our lives that influence how we respond to love in our lives.

Psychological -

This reading looks at your current state of mind and provides insight into your psychological processes.

This is one of the most popular Tarot card spreads. Its popularity comes from the fact that it approaches questions in a logical manner.

Sometimes we search for meaning or direction in our lives. We say, "I wish I knew what was ahead for me." This spread answers that question.


Each card in this reading focuses on an issue that will be especially important during each month. The center card offers spiritual guidance and suggests the outcome.

One Card 

This simple reading zeroes in on one issue and gives you a specific perspective about what is really important at the moment.

This reading gives you a picture of where you are in time with reference to your question, and suggest the outcome.


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I know what it feels like to finally meet him...or her... His smile makes your heart smile...His eyes steer straight into your soul. You now know that you are face to face with your ancient future lover.

He is not just someone you just fell in love with. He is someone you have loved many, many times before. There is an intensity and energy between you like you have never felt before...

I know what’s it’s like to love your soul mate…it’s ecstasy and heaven, bliss and never ending joy, happiness and love joined in the eternal cosmic dance.

I know what it’s like to loose your soulmate…

So, will you make it “happily ever after”, in this life at least…or will you walk away from each other, only to realize, perhaps when it is too late, that you really can’t…












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